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Panama coffee beans SHB Cafè de Eleta 250 gr.

Good balanced body with a typical acidity of Central American washed Arabica. Taste of flowers, malt and citrus.

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This fantastic washed Arabica classified SHB Strictly Hard Bean ( this shows that the plantations are between 1500 and 1700 mt of height), is cultivated on the highlands of the region of Piedra de Candela, on the Costa Rica borders. The look on the cup is impeccable: it has no defects as it is selected by hands. Into the cup it’s a full-bodied, balanced, with the typical sourness of the Central-American washed, the taste prevail of floral notes, malt, and citrus fruit. In the plantations where this coffee is produced, there’s not use of child labor, for which is expected a free school program supported by the manufacturers in cooperation with the buyers.

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Weight250 g
Dimensions10 × 13 cm